6-Day Meditation Retreat

This Meditation Retreat is Focused on Coming Back to our Senses

ORERE POINT 6th-11th MARCH 2020


We’re all waiting for the coronavirus lockdown to end. Stay safe everyone.

This will be a silent retreat with group teachings and discussions, practices and sittings. There will  be time for your own practice, for resting and being in nature.

Friday afternoon March 6th until Wednesday afternoon March 11th, 2020.  

We connect to ourselves and the world through the senses. We are primarily sensing, feeling creatures. The mind evolved to support this feeling and sensing.

A sense of wellbeing, aliveness and connection is fundamentally dependent on sensing.

On this weekend we will be using meditation as a tool to come back to our senses – to refine and deepen our direct experience of the body, the mind and the world. It is experience which changes us. Experience deepens when the body and mind soften and open.

This retreat is a chance to explore the fundamental Buddhist teachings on the four noble truths. This will include investigation into the eightfold noble path to enlightenment, the hindrances, and the seven factors fo enlightenment.

Our sessions will cover basic mindfulness practices, including sitting, walking and lying, working with the breath vipassana style, loving kindness practices and much more.

Each day will include sessions of Somatics and Kum Nye.

You will meet with Dyana daily for guidance on your meditation practice and somatic work. Assistant teachers will be available to provide extra support.

The assistant teachers are both specialists in their own areas and you will have the opportunity to book private sessions with them if you wish. You will be provided with an outline of what they are offering.

Accommodation is in a communal house and small sleep-outs. You are welcome to bring a tent. 

March is warm and there will the opportunity to swim in the sea so do bring togs if you wish.

Friday will have a Settle In Evening get-together with introductions and meditation.

It may be possible to attend a shorter time than the full 6 days, but all students need to arrive on Friday.

Registration for March 2020 Retreat at Orere Point, Auckland

A 6-Day Retreat with Dyana Wells and the faculty of Open Ground School of Meditation and Somatic Enquiry

March 6–11 2020

At Orere Point, Auckland, New Zealand


Accommodation & Food: $450

Suggest Dana/Koha for the teachers: $40 per day.

Payment by Bank Transfer: ANZ

Dyana brings an inspiring enthusiasm and genuine curiosity to her teachings. Her wealth and depth of knowledge and experience are shared with a passion and delight, encouraging a spirit of enquiry and nurturing a love of learning in her students. – Kelly Watson

Your knowledge and wisdom is absolutely incredible! Thank you for sharing it with us! I love your passion and enthusiasm. – Bridget

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Open Ground and You

Anatomy & Physiology

Redefine your concept of the whole body through leading edge teachings on neuroscience, the gut-brain connection and the neuro-muscular system.

Apply this understanding to …

  • relieve stress, anxiety and fatigue
  • manage pain and chronic illness
  • heal and recover from trauma
  • overcome addiction and mental-illness

Mind-Body Balance

By working with the mind through meditation and the body through somatic practices supported by Buddhist teachings and modern scientific understanding, we’re able to promote swift radical healing of the whole body. Healing is the reconnection and integration of all aspects of ourselves – physical, psychological, emotional, intellectual and spiritual.




Ideal for …

  • Yoga Teachers
  • Meditation Teachers
  • Complimentary Therapists
  • Health Coaches
  • Psychologists
  • Mental Health workers
  • Social workers
  • Physical Therapists
  • Individuals looking for self healing
  • Seekers wishing to understand life more deeply

Discover joy

Live with freedom from both physical and mental suffering.

Unlock and embody  the beautiful qualities of

  • equanimity
  • loving kindness
  • compassion
  • joy

Live a life that is awake, creative and intelligent.