About Us


Inter-Disciplinary Enquiry
and Development

Our Story

We are a group of practitioners, teachers and therapists who are committed to working with others to bring about change in human consciousness.

As humans we find ourselves in the difficult situation of living in an impermanent and unpredictable world, caught in distressing emotions that cause suffering to ourselves and others. We can be unable to put any really solid ground under our feet.

We understand as humans there is a journey to be made in response to these circumstances. Instead of shutting down and rejecting our world because we are hurting and feel alienated, we can turn directly to face the full catastrophe and, in doing this, radical transformation and healing take place. We find ourselves belonging to a life that cares.

This journey will take our whole lives, and it needs to be undertaken with care. Here at Open Ground we are committed to supporting you on your unfolding into a fuller more complete life.

We believe this journey is made through the senses, through refining our ability to listen and feel, and to be present to the insights that arise. Slowly  we connect back up to the whole of life, and discover that we belong here and we have work to do to support others on this journey.

This journey of waking up, of becoming conscious of life in as rich a way as possible, is our healing, our transformation. We are learning how to stay present and open, no matter the circumstances. When we know what is happening, we care and we are able to respond well and respectfully.

At the Open Ground School of Meditation and Somatic Enquiry we are committed to supporting everybody on this journey. We provide care, tools and techniques, wisdom teaching and the scientific view.  We all learn differently, so we provide a large range of tools to enable everyone to move forward into their own beauty.

We are on the journey of a planet waking up to itself. This is our gift to the planet. When we connect we care and we act.

Awoke consciousness gives us choices – we become creative, loving and intelligent. We become well and make conscious choices that are in harmony with life.

We are all on this  journey to understand and live what it is to be a full human being. In this process the mundane becomes sacred.

Inter-Disciplinary Enquiry and Development

Open Ground has created programs that repattern the body and mind at the same time. Because of the emphasis we place on awareness these changes can be integrated with grace and ease. Awareness is the  fundamental ground of our being and is the heart of many wisdom  traditions.

The path to our ground of being, the birthplace of innately stable and radiant qualities, is described in the Buddhist teachings. When we add the latest neurophysical research, we have four foundations to support long-term healing:

  • repatterning the mind through guided meditation

  • repatterning the body through somatic enquiry

  • wisdom teachings to unlock innate qualities of awareness and loving kindness  

  • evidence from neuroscience to support our investigation

Our Values

Our values are based on the Buddhist Brahma Viharas – the divine abidings – the radiant emotions. They will  guide the way we relate to ourselves, our colleagues and our students.

1. We undertake to engage with ourselves and others in ways that are friendly and open. We value kindness and consideration in all our interactions.

2. We undertake to stay present to our own discomfort and the discomfort of others when we engage with them. We create space and healing in this process by recognising the innate goodness in both of us.

3. We enjoy the successes and happiness of others and hold any resistance or self criticism lightly.

4. We have the courage and confidence to be truthful in our relationships.

5. We recognise we are all equal and that our preferences and prejudices are screens that obscure this reality. 


By attending our workshops, trainings and retreats you acknowledge the inherent risks associated with any physical or mental practice. You accept those risks and enter into our workshops, trainings and retreats freely of your own volition. You accept no-one, including any teachers or teaching assistants, is to blame for any injury, physical or mental, arising out of the attendance of our workshops, trainings and retreats , or any associated exercises or any printed literature, or any use of the premises.